Paradise Classics
We put the cars in your garage that put a smile on your face.
Paradise Classics
We put the cars in your garage that put a smile on your face.
Current Inventory

We’re proud to be located in Springfield, Missouri - USA, known as the birthplace of Route 66. The business has been around since 2000, and we were built by a classic car obsession that started long before that. We mostly specialize in European vehicles, but anything neat is always welcome.

A lot of collector car dealers only want old cars so they can get more money. Our owner is the opposite and only wants money so he can get more old cars. That primary focus on the vehicles themselves, and finding the right homes for them, is the cornerstone of our whole operation.

Because we believe strongly that every classic vehicle deserves to be saved, we offer project cars whenever we have a chance to rescue them. It’s also a great way for people to get a neat old car if they like to do some work, or maybe don’t want to spend what it takes these days to get something that’s been fully restored.

Lately, more and more people seem to pop up and call themselves dealers, and they say whatever it'll take to sell a car. They’re gone a few months later and one of our fellow enthusiast is left with a car that isn’t what it was claimed to be. That's not how things should be done.

Honesty and integrity are the foundations for everything we do. We have vehicles in all conditions, and the top priority is always to give an honest assessment of the vehicle and to offer our decades of knowledge and experience to help decide whether it'll be a good match for a prospective new owner.

Previously Sold Vehicles
These are a few of the vehicles we’ve helped to find new homes. A lot of dealers only work with cars where they'll make a huge profit. As you can see, we deal with everything from barn rescues on up to perfectly restored, or nice original cars - and everything in between. Even if we don't make a profit, helping to give an old car or motorcycle another chance is well worth it.
Institute for the Preservation of Interesting Vehicles
These aren’t part of Paradise Classics, but some are available for events or photo-shoots. A few of these show up from time to time at our place where people can have a look at them, but we thought it would be fun to share them with our internet friends who might be interested in some vehicles that you don’t see every day.