Paradise Classics
1965 Renault Dauphine
Paradise Classics
1965 Renault Dauphine
This is the Gordini version of the Dauphine which was the factory performance version. The Gordinis got four-wheel disc brakes, an extra gear in the transmission, and a little more h.p. out of the engine. It's complete, but there is some rust in the floors.
After filling the spark plug holes with oil to protect the bores, the engine was able to be rotated manually.
It's nice that is hasn't been messed with, and it's still in original condition - ready to be restored without needing to undo a bunch of questionable work by a previous owner.

Headed to California - Thanks Enrique!
Sorry, this one already went to a new home, but if you check our current inventory, I bet you'll find something else that you'll like.
Manufacturer: Renault
Model: Dauphine
Sub Model: Gordini
Country of Manufacture: France
Instrumentation Units: Miles
Odometer: 31,432 Miles
Transmission: Manual
Forward Gears: 4
Driven Wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Configuration: Inline
Number of Cylinders: 4
Engine Displacement: 845CC
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Delivery: Carburetor
Air Delivery: Naturally Aspirated
Cooling Method: Water-Cooled
Tags: Project Original Barn Find