Paradise Classics
1974 Volkswagen Beetle
Paradise Classics
1974 Volkswagen Beetle
This is a perfectly functioning AutoStick Beetle. The AutoStick version has a system that engages the clutch automatically when you touch the shift lever. The car is still shifted using the lever, but there's no clutch pedal. It's perfect for someone who wants a classic Beetle, but can't drive with a standard manual transmission.
The Beetle has undergone a complete in-house restoration. The car was totally stripped, and the body removed from the pan. All the bodywork was carefully hand sanded to either bare metal or the factory primer. Nearly every component was removed, and either individually restored or replaced.
This was a considerate restoration to maintain the integrity of the vehicle. That means this car isn’t covered with Chinese and Brazilian garbage parts like many “restored” Beetles. It still has many of its original parts, but they’ve been individually restored.
This car comes with the original owners manual, which confirms that the Beetle still has the original engine. The car also includes the birth-certificate from Germany, which verifies that the color is as original. It comes with what I assume is the original key which slides easily into the ignition and both door locks. Additionally, this car has an auto-stickshift transmission which is becoming difficult to find these days in any condition. Finding another car this nice with a properly operating auto-stick is certainly going to be a tall order. While this is a 1974 model, it is not a Super Beetle. This is the traditional body style, which is preferred by a lot of Volkswagen collectors.
This car was painted by professionals in a paintbooth – not quickly sprayed behind the barn like some of the pigs in lipstick you find for sale.
Every tiny detail on this car was attended to. Even the little light that’s supposed to illuminate the heater controls works. The original radio is not hooked up (but looks nice) and I don’t even know if it works.
The seats were reupholstered with new correct material and specially made form-fitting foam, with additional thicknesses used to make the seats a bit more comfortable. Of course all the fluids are new including special low moisture absorption brake fluid, new transmission fluid, engine oil, and automatic transmission fluid. On all the parts that were re-wired the connections were properly soldered, and all terminals were soldered to ensure long-lasting good connections.
It only has about 50 miles on the restoration. The auto-stick is just plain fun to drive. People always giggle the first time they try out the shifter.

Some of the work done includes -

The engine was stripped to the short block and received:
New 1641 pistons and cylinders
New cylinder heads
The valves and cylinders were hand-lapped to ensure good compression
New push rod tubes
New fuel pump
Rebuilt carburetor (original and correct for auto-stick)
New distributor
New muffler (stock style, but highest quality German)
New tailpipes
Good correct alternator sourced from another vehicle
New Spark plugs
New spark plug wires
New belt
All engine tin was repainted
All new heater hoses
All new fuel lines
New intake boots
New air-filter housing and filter element (genuine Volkswagen)

As for the rest of the car:
New complete floorpans (high quality) were installed properly with plug welds, and seam sealer on top and underneath to completely seal the car.
All body panels are vintage German for proper finish (unlike many new reproductions)
All new tires including the spare
All wheels were sandblasted and painted the correct color
All new brakes including master cylinder, all wheel cylinders, all rubber hoses, front to rear brake line, pads and hardware as needed
New brake fluid reservoir with hoses
New headliner
New layer of thermal/sound insulation above headliner
New upholstery and padding on all seats
New carpet kit – front to back and side to side
New windshield
New seals and gaskets all over the place
New glovebox
New speedometer glass
New rear turnsignals
New windshield washer nozzle and wiper blades
New side mirror
New headlight trim rings
New running boards
New hubcaps
All new body trim strips/clips
New hood emblem
All new door panels/clips installed with new grommets to prevent rattling
New vapor barriers installed in doors to prevent door panel warpage
All new dash windshield vents
New windshield washer reservoir brackets
All new heater control cables
New shift rod bushing
New shift coupler
New shocks all around
New steering dampner
New accelerator cable
New hardware all over the place (torqued to factory specifications)
New domelight (which even works as designed when the doors open – most of the time)
Brand new battery
New ground cable
New positive terminal cable

To make sure the autostick transmission continues to work properly, it has:
Good original torque converter sourced from low mileage salvaged car
New torque converter seal
New transmission pan gasket
All C.V. joints were rebuilt, and one was replaced with a new unit.
Axle shafts were cleaned and repainted
All new C.V. boots
All vacuum hoses were replaced
All ATF lines were custom remanufactured (which was really expensive)
Vacuum control solenoid was cleaned and checked
New shift contact points with new wires run to ensure good connection
Good neutral safety switch was sourced from another vehicle and received all new wiring
ATF tank and vacuum tank were media blasted and re-painted along with the mounting brackets
Sorry, this one already went to a new home, but if you check our current inventory, I bet you'll find something else that you'll like.
  • Completely restored top to bottom.
  • AutoStick transmission works perfectly
  • Rebuilt engine
  • All new paint in the correct original color
  • All new interior
Manufacturer: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle
Volkswagen Model Code: Type 1
Sub Model: AutoStick
Volkswagen Color Name: Rallye Yellow - L10A
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Instrumentation Units: Miles
Odometer: 32,466 Miles
Radio: Original - not connected
Transmission: Manual
Forward Gears: 4
Driven Wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Configuration: Horizontally Opposed
Number of Cylinders: 4
Engine Displacement: 1641CC
Volkswagen Engine Code: AH
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Delivery: Carburetor
Air Delivery: Naturally Aspirated
Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
Tags: Shiny Restored Original
Things We've Done to This Beetle
Complete Engine Rebuild
Engine completely rebuilt with new pistons, cylinders, heads, etc.
All New Upholstery
New correct-style upholstery installed.
Foam was used instead of the original coconut fiber for a little added comfort.