Paradise Classics
1959 Austin Healey Sprite
Paradise Classics
1959 Austin Healey Sprite
The main car here was hot-rodded with a 2.0 Ford engine, front end, and rear end. It was happily cruised around town until it was happily cruised into a pole! This would be a sweet FAST little car if someone could fix the body work. It comes with a spare shell for measurements or donor parts.
SOLD! Heading to Loo-Zee-Anna.

This is an opportunity if you’re not afraid of work. Here’s the story as it was relayed when we got the car – This Austin Healey Bugeye / Frogeye Sprite was adapted for and raced successfully in the SCCA. After some time racing, it was converted back to a road legal vehicle and was reportedly “unbeatable from a stoplight.” There is quite a bit of evidence that supports this car being setup for racing. The body has had strategic reinforcements added to maintain rigidity. There was a roll-bar added, which is included. There’s an adjustable brake proportioning valve to accommodate for different tracks and conditions.
I was told the engine started out as a two liter Ford unit from a Pinto, but was over-bored, stroked, had roller bearings added (I assume he meant rockers), and generally prepared for speed. The engine does have a Weber side draft carburetor, and lots of custom wiring/gauges. There was a custom header constructed which exits the right side of the engine area and ends in a pipe just under the passenger door (like a Cobra). I was told the engine is mated to a heavy duty Ford transmission, which sends power back to a heavy duty Ford rear end, which had the axles shortened to fit the car properly.
The car has disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear, with some neat looking wheels. The tires don’t even look that bad.
Here’s the bad news – reportedly a previous owner underestimated the power of the car, and slid it into a telephone pole. It was a pretty serious hit right where the driver sits, and caused a fair amount of damage. I know it looks bad, but it might be easier to correct what’s wrong with this car than to start with a stock car and customize it to this level.
We're also including another Sprite body. It does have a driver’s side door, and the car can be used as a guide to make repairs on the other car. The main car has a title, the other does not.
Sorry, this one already went to a new home, but if you check our current inventory, I bet you'll find something else that you'll like.
Manufacturer: Austin Healey
Model: Sprite
Sub Model: Bugeye Racecar
Country of Manufacture: Great Britain
Transmission: Manual
Driven Wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Configuration: Inline
Number of Cylinders: 4
Engine Displacement: 2L
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Delivery: Carburetor
Air Delivery: Naturally Aspirated
Cooling Method: Water-Cooled
Tags: Hot-Rod