Paradise Classics
1981 Toyota Land Cruiser
Paradise Classics
1981 Toyota Land Cruiser
FACTORY DIESEL 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser - model BJ-42. This is like the FJ-40, except with a super cool factory diesel engine.

We imported this little beauty from sunny Italy. Before it left, they replaced the clutch and starter motor. After we got it, we replaced both batteries. From the factory it has two 12 volt batteries in series to supply 24 volts. It just had an oil change with a good quality Wix filter. At the same time, a new Wix fuel filter was installed and it got a double fuel system cleaning treatment. It also got a new air filter. As you can see in the pictures, it has the frame for the top, but we don't have a top for it. There are several places that make them and a bunch of styles to choose from, so we thought we'd leave that for the new owner to choose.

The previous owner told us he installed a new clutch and starter motor.

We've already gone through all the stress of getting it here 100% officially, and have a clean and clear Missouri title for it.

Old Land Cruisers are way cool to begin with, but the factory diesel puts this one over the top.

This BJ42 is headed to a sweet home in Alabama.
Thanks again Mike!
Sorry, this one already went to a new home, but if you check our current inventory, I bet you'll find something else that you'll like.
  • Correct Toyota 3B Diesel engine starts right up and runs strong
  • Spent its life in a mild climate in Italy
  • Factory Heater
  • Power Brakes with front discs
  • 24 volt electrical system from the factory
  • Frame is in great condition
  • Free-wheeling hubs on front wheels
  • Selectable 4x4 with High/Low
Manufacturer: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
Toyota Model Code: BJ42
Sub Model: BJ42
Body Style: Soft-Top
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Instrumentation Units: Kilometers
Odometer: 118,735 Kilometers
(Equivalent to 73,778 Miles)
Transmission: Manual
Forward Gears: 4
Driven Wheels: Selectable 4x4
Engine Configuration: Inline
Number of Cylinders: 4
Engine Displacement: 3.4L
Toyota Engine Code: 3B
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection
Air Delivery: Naturally Aspirated
Cooling Method: Water-Cooled
Tags: Shiny Restored Project Original Barn Find
Things We've Done to This Land Cruiser
Replaced Both Batteries
Replaced both batteries and cleaned connectors.
Changed Oil and Filter
Oil Filter replaced with new high quality Wix unit.
Oil replaced with high quality Mobil diesel oil.
Replaced Fuel Filter
Fuel filter replaced with high quality Wix filter.
Double Fuel System Cleaning Service
Two applications of diesel fuel system cleaner were applied to clean the injectors.
Air Filter
Replaced air filter with a new OEM unit. (Denso - made in Japan)